Our Quality Guide

We ethically source our own hair to maintain high-quality control standards to ensure all hair is of a premium quality. As everyone’s hair structure is different we offer different origins of hair to ensure your new hair blends perfectly with yours.


Premium quality with its soft fine sleek texture, this hair is suitable for all hair types and is a high-grade hair extension range, so it is very popular in the hair extension industry, if you want high quality hair that is affordable then European is the hair for you!


The rolls Royce of hair, Russian hair is very similar to European but super smooth and luscious in texture with a gorgeous lustre and shine. If you are looking for hair that will last a lot longer and stay in beautiful condition, then Russian is what you need to ask for!

Choosing the correct amount

The quantity/amount of hair chosen by the customer will affect the end result & the desired effect of the customer.

A ‘full head’ is the most common amount of hair needed, however someone with thick hair or more hair than the average person might have to order a ‘full head and a half’. Alternatively, someone with thin hair may need less.

*Half Head 50grams – Normally to add thickness only

20 pieces of tape or 50 individual strands

*Full Head 100grams –  Standard full head

40 pieces of tape, 100 individual strands or 1 full weft

*Full Head and a Half 150grams – For thick hair or people who want that super thick look

60 pieces of tape, 150 individual strands

*Two Full Heads 200grams – For extreme thickness and that ultra-voluminous look

80 pieces of tape, 200 individual strands or 2 full wefts

Need help matching your colour? We can help!

Just send us 3 or more pictures of your hair that you want to colour match and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours with some help. Email your photos to info@xshairextensions.com. We need the photos to be from angles and in lighting that show the correct colour. Once we receive the photos and we have a match, we will notify you so you can proceed with your order!